TOR Browser Private Web

Protect your privacy with freedom. Bypass internet restrictions and censorship using TOR Browser and secure internet connection.

Enabling voice commands
Alexa Echo Setup + Translator
A perfect app to help you set up Alexa at your home and office. Hundreds of commands with translation features.
Anonymous Dark Web Browser
TOR Browser Private Web
Your ticket to an anonymous and untraceable online existence.
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Virtual Private Networks
High speed VPN servers for streaming, online video calling downloads and uploads.

TOR Browser Private Web

TOR Browser Private Web is a comprehensive security solution to secure and protect your internet connection, browseing activiy & keep your personal information safe. TOR Browser Private Web is a complete Tor-powered browser that offers you a full-fledged but secure alternative to the modern browser offering multiple tabs, customization start screen, built in ad-blocker, bookmarks, history and download features. It offers:

  1. TOR Powered Browser: Browse anonymously with no-log browser, blocks Ads and malicious scripts
  2. Safety Vault: Hide all your private photos, videos & files
  3. Security Alarms: Security alarms for your device
  4. TOR Add-Ons: Suppliment your security

Enjoy premium security features

Do we know enough about mobile security and how its lack of  understanding exposes us to all sorts of risks?

VPN Protection

Hide your IP to enable device wide protection. Use your banking apps and social media with the peace of mind.


These mobile self aware alarms make it impossible for pickpockets to play their game.

Safe Browser

Ever wonder why all these awesome browsers come for free? Protect your online presence, block ad tracking scripts and may more.

Ad Block

Blocks unwanted ad tracking scripts. Your browsing habits stay with you and not with advertising companies.


Keep your private photos, notes, passwords and contacts secure in Vault. You may lose your phone but not your privacy.

TOR Browser

TOR Browser Private Web is the only browser app which implements the latest specifications of TOR. It lets you access the Internet privately and anonymously.

How It Work? TOR Browser

Go to AppStore and search for “Tor Browser Private Web". It’s a free app, so download the app to install it on your iPhone.

Once installed, tap to launch the app. The app will start connecting with the TOR Network nodes. You can trace the progress through a small dialogue. Once connected, the browser will load

If you wish to use search engine, we recommend you try We believe that online privacy is everybody’s right and it should never be violated.




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Mobile Security app has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

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