“There’s only one thing that matters, “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”

Do you know what is customer satisfaction? It is the measure of how much an actual product meets buyer expectations. The value which it provides to them and the user experience it creates for them.

One of the most beloved ways of attaining high-level customer satisfaction is by providing them more value for their money. This is exactly what Jetty Apps did when it designed the TOR Browser Private Web for its users.

Here’s a review from a user’s perspective. Think of it as your feelings when you use the TOR Browser Private Web every day.

The freedom you have always wanted

TOR Browser Private Web is designed and developed to provide internet anonymity, privacy, and safety to users all over the world.

Whether you are from USA, UK, Russia or Indonesia, you can simply download the app on your iPhone/Ipad and experience the internet like never before.

It is ideal to use in countries where there is internet censorship and people aren’t allowed to express their views freely.

But today, we are not talking about how well Jetty Apps has designed and developed the app, or how Tor Browser Private Web helps people get the internet freedom and safety which they have always wanted.

There is something for everyone in the app

Today we are talking about the other features which Jetty Apps provides in its app along with the Tor browser. That’s what value is all about right? Providing much more value to the customers for their money. Jetty Apps does it by providing amazing features. So, let’s talk about these features.

Unlimited Photo Vault:

Photo Vault

Let’s appreciate Jetty Apps for integrating this feature into their app. Photos are memories that always remind you of your happy places. Who doesn’t love taking photos right? But often we end up taking so many pictures that they get mixed up and we can’t find some specific one when we need it.

Tor Browser Private Web as done a great job offering photo vault in their app. Now you can not only store your photos safely in the app but also arrange them in different albums. During the free trial, you can save up to 20 pictures in the vault, but once you go premium, there is no limit to how many photos you can store.

We must also mention that TOR Browser Private Web secures the vault with a Pin code protection. You can set a unique Pin (backed by a security question) and ensure the optimum safety of your pictures.

Anti-theft Features:

Anti-theft features

Now, this is another amazing (and really useful) feature offered by Tor Browser Private Web. You will agree that we are often so busy in our lives that we forget about safekeeping our smartphones. Sometimes it results in our phones getting picked or lost.

But thanks to Jetty Apps who thought better, we can now breathe a sigh of relief as our phones are now safer due to this feature. Anti-theft features are categorized into three different modes.


When you activate the motion feature, the app activates an alarm sensor. Let’s say you are going to the bathroom and can’t take the phone with you for some reason.

Or you want to take a nap and worried about your phone because you are at some public place, you can simply activate the motion and as soon as someone tries to lift your phone, the alarm will start ringing notifying you about the unusual activity. Lifesaving isn’t it?

Power mode:

This is another very useful mode. If you are a person who often charges your phone, then this mode will prove highly useful to you.

You see, after activating this feature, you can safely put your phone at charging without worrying about anyone unplugging it without your notice.

As soon as someone unplugs the cable, the alarm will start ringing and you’ll be aware of the activity.

Headset mode:

If you are rocking the previous models of iPhone (with a head jack) you would be plugging in headphones a lot right? Often we leave our headphones plugged in the phone on the desk and forgets about it.

We don’t remember it until some friend unplugs the headset and takes it as a late gift from you. But no more!

Once you activate the headset mode on Tor Browser Private Web, as soon as that friend of yours unplugs the headset, the alarm will start ringing loudly and you’ll immediately be notified.

You might think that a company that provides so many features at such a low cost will just stop at these features, but no my friend, not when it comes to Jetty Apps. They go on offering more value than their competitors. Here are some other features which they are offering after the new update.


This is yet another really useful feature available as a browser add-on. What’s more, they have also made it available for people who are using the free version of the app.

No one likes an enormous amount of advertisements thrown at them whenever they are surfing on the internet right? Well, Jetty Apps knew this and that is why they have offered an Ad Blocker in their browser.

You can simply turn it on and the app will limit the number of ads you see when you are surfing the internet.


Well, not all ads are bad right? Some even help us by showing us the right product at the right time. Jetty Apps understands this and that is why it offers a whitelist.

Basically, in a whitelist, you can manually add domains of the websites for which you’d like to see ads. When you add such domain addresses, the app will not limit or block the ads on those addresses and you’ll be able to see ads as they were destined to be.

Other than these amazing features, Tor Browser Private Web also offers to block cookies feature, choosing between different types of SSL or TLS and blocking third-party cookies tracking and much more.


In the end, I would like to say that many of the reviewers have experienced these features and the majority of them share a positive experience about using it. You can download the app directly here and see what I’m talking about. But when you do, please share your experience as well.

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